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GCK Low voltage draw-out distribution boxGCK Low voltage draw-out distribution box Product Description 1.The distribution method adopts secondary distribution principle, input uses total fuse,  and output adopts branch fuse or combination of fuse and DC air switch.  2. All key components use products passing CCC, with safe and reliable use.  3.The output loop number is determined by customer demands.  4.It can match voltage and current display and power supply working indication function.  5.C and D grade power source surge protectors with different specifications and  protection modes can be allocated according to customer demands, and power source  surge protector integration is installed nearby the box, and has short line distance  and good protection effect.  6.The surge protector has large flow path, low residual voltage and rapid response time.  7.It can match lighting stroke count, DC power failure alarm and other auxiliary  functions.  8. The box made of excellent cold-roll steel sheets has compact structure and  attractive appearance.  9.It has good electrical insulation function and protection earthing system.  10. It has convenient use and maintenance, and wire inlet and outlet on the top  and bottom, and can select according to requirements of users' inlet wire method. It is used for distribution and management of indoor direct-current power supply  in communication machine room, and providing direct-current power supply to  communication equipment in machine rooms. Its interior uses famous brand circuit  breakers (Siemens, ABB, Chint), made for communication base stations and machine rooms.    Design featuers 1.Switch gear structure plesse see to figurel. 2.Entirely metal armored,assembly structure, wide range of assembly schemes. 3.The cabinet body adopts importes aluminized and galvanized sheet ,which is prossed. With CNC machine tool and advanced multiple flanging techniques and connected with  excellent nuts and bolts of high intensity, providing high precision, anticorrosion,  Small weight, high intensity, and good parts versatility. 4.Highly reliable interlocking device meets fully the requirements of  “five prevention”      Specifications   GCK withdrawable indoor low voltage power distribution box  power distribution box 380V 50Hz  power distribution box IEC ISO   GCK withdrawable indoor low voltage power distribution box   I Company profile We have a long experience in engineering and manufacturing first class electrical  switchgear and controlgear such as Low and Medium-Voltage Switchgear, and Low Voltage Distribution and Lighting Panels. We also produce Motor Control Center, Generator Control Panel, and control panels for motors and pumps.     II Overview Modular fixed and draw-out type low voltage MCC with various starter methods,  and 7.2 kV medium voltage motor controller. Designed for controlling motors in substations, power plants, industrial plants and  factories. Provides ease of maintenance and reliability. GCS Motor Control Centers are designed for controlling motors in substations, plant,  buildings and other locations. A modular design ensures safety even as it provides economy, reliabilty, and maintenance  easy.   III Standard & Service Condition Applicable Standard IEC 60439  GB7251.1 Degree of Protection IEC 60529 Standard IP-30. Construction Single-Front and Double-Front Ambient Temperature -5 ~ -40     Relative Humidity 50% at 40 degree Maximum Altitude 2000 meters     IV. Technical Parameters        Rated voltage of main circuit (V) 380(400),(600)   Rated voltage of auxiliary circuit (V) AC 220,380(400)/DC 110,220   Rated frequency (Hz)   50(60)   Rated insulation voltage (V) 660(1000)   Rated current (A)Horizontal bus-bar<=4000A   Vertical bus-bar (MCC)   1000A Rated short-time withstand current of   bus-bar (KA/S) 50,80   Peak bus-bar durable consumer goods     current (KA/0.1S) 105,176   Power frequency test voltage (V/1MIN) Main circuit 2500   Auxiliary circuit 2000   Bus-bar Three-phase four-wire system A.B.C.PEN   Three-phase five-wire system A.B.C.PEN
GGD Ac low voltage distribution boxGGD Ac low voltage distribution box   Switchgear Specification: GGD type exchanges the switch board switchgear of hypobaric and suitable for electric  users, such as power plant, transformer substation, industrial and mining enterprises,  etc. as exchanging 50 Hz, working voltage 380V of amount, the specified electric current  is regarded as power to the distribution systems of 3150 As, light and that electric  energy of equipment was changed, assigned and controlled to use distribution. Product  this it divides to be high to give up ability, amount tolerance electric current up  to 50 KA in short-term. The circuit scheme is flexible, make convenient, practicability  is strong, and such characteristic as the structure is novel up.  Product this accord with " complete set of switch equipment of hypobaric control  the equipment " standard GB7251 " low village complete set of switch equipment "  and with IEC439.      Packaging & Delivery   Packaging Detail: standard exporting wooden case Delivery Detail: 30days after conforming deposit Specifications   GCS1 low voltage drawer type switch gear   Product introduction   1. Enclosure box, disctribution box, metal enclosures  2. CE approved, IP65  3. We are factory for the disctribution box.  4.lEVEL OF PROTECTION:IP20 (XL1 indoor/outdoor) electric distribution box is designed to Be assembled into the  distributing box with various Control functions according to the type of components,  Specifi-cations and quantity.  The structure is so tight that can be very perfect. Lt's malt; Br>lt's made  of cold-rolled steel board&ND or stainless Alloy. We can provide a wide range  of  electric distribution box For your reference.
modular terminal Combination distribution boxmodular terminal Combination distribution box Specifications   1. AC 50Hz, rated voltage 220V or 380V and total input load current is no more  than 100A  2. Standard: GB 7251.3, GB/T 21706, IE    220V /380V plastic electrical enclosure distribution box      A. Scope of Application   modular terminal combined box is applied in terminal circuits 1P of three wires or  2Pof five wires with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 220V or 380V and total input load current  is no more than 100A. It used as a package device which controls the electric appliance  and prevents from overload, short circuit, over voltage and leakage of electricity.  This box is widely used in high building, residence, stations, harbor, airport,  hospital, cinema, commercial district, industrial and mining enterprises.        Standard: GB 7251.3, GB/T 21706, IEC 60439-3   B. Main technical parameter   Loop number Case              Layer 6,12,18,24,36 Plastic,Metal      Single,Double
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