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 Description of Cable Tray:
1, to electrical interference shielding cable network or a protective external 
(such as: corrosion liquid, flammable dust environment) such as impact, should 
choose slot compound anticorrosive shielded cable tray (with cover)
2, strong corrosive environment (F) should be adopted for the composite epoxy resin 
anticorrosion flame retardant cable tray.Bracket, bracket also want to choose the same 
material, improve the service life of the bridge and accessories, cable bridge in easy 
to dust and should cover the environment or other outdoor places should be flat.
3, in addition to the above situation, we can choose according to the site environment
 and technical requirements also, groove, cascade type, tray type of glass or steel
 anti-corrosion flame-retardant cable tray type bridge.In easy to dust and should cover
 the environment or other outdoor places should be flat.
4, in the public channel or outdoor across the road segment, the bottom rung of 
appropriate to add at the bottom of the plate or use tray in the segment.When large 
span across the public channel, can according to user requirements to improve bridge 
load capacity or line selection.
5, large span (> 3 m) to select composite bridge.
6, outdoor should choose composite epoxy refers to the bridge.

Image Model Description
combination cable traycombination cable tray Description:   Combination cable tray belong to the newest type, the second-generation product in the series of cables, it's suitable for every project, every unit, and also the laying of various kinds of cables. it has such advantages as simple structure, flexible disposition, convenient  installation and new modelling.   Combination cable tray can be composed to the cable you need to your own measure only by adopting the three basic types like the width 100,150,200mm. it can have the function of turning, width change,division,up or down readily according to the site installation without the neccessity of producing such fitting as elbow and three-way, it can be drawn forth using pipes without drilling or welding in any part. it is not only convenient for the project designing, but for the production transportation, even more convenient for the constallation. it is most ideal product in the family of cables at the present time.
fire rated cable trayfire rated cable tray   Fire rated cable tray Description:   fire rated cable tray  have good function like heat insulation,fire-proof,corrosion-resisting  and also are suitable for wide-ranging environment. they have characteristics of light weight ,heavy load ad reliable safety,and also have reached the advanced standard in country.   fire rated cable tray can be divided into for parts as follows according to different use occasions   (1)fully-sealed channel box of fire-proof type: the product suits the power cable below 10kv, and also suits the control cable,lightening lines to be laid in the areial cable ditch and channel indoors or outdoors.   (2)half-sealed channel box of the fire-proof type:the product can experience flame stifling ,temperature in the channel can be limited to be permitted value for the safety motion of cable .The box cover is double board. Besides the function against rain, if can fall automatically when temperature is high enough,covering the cooling hole to avoid air.   (3)fire rated channel box for cable tunnel:the product is widely-used for the tunnel, some underground public facilies and some other occasions. it is ventilated. when the channel box catches fire or the cable is hotter, the opened ventilated mesh soaked with special refractory coating is blocked becuase of the flames, and also expanded to thick carbon bits covering the cable,the small cover on the net falls automatically to cover the net face, as a result, causing the burning medium to go out because of the absence of oxygen.   (4)Inorganic channel box of fire-proof type: the product is formed with the inorganic material and strengthed glass fibre. the refractory structure is fully seally. it can prevent efficiently the self-burning of the cable and the danger of the outer kindling material. becuase of inorganic material, it is especially suitable for the occassions of serious acid and alkali corrosion.
FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) cable trayFRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) cable tray   FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) cable tray Description:   FRP cable tray is a new type product developed by this factory on the basis of steel cable support system. it is featured by high strength,fine insulation property,resistance to  chemical corrosion,flame resistance and sufficient mechanical strength. it is broadly used in petroleum,chemical,metallurgical and power industries.   Specification: WIDTH             HEIGHT 50                 25 100                50 150                75 200                100 250                125 300                150 400                200 500                200 600                200 800                200
Bolts, Screws and NutsBolts, Screws and Nuts   Bolts, Screws and Nuts Description: In accordance with the relevant national standards or international standards,  so in the management of circulation, bolt and by mandatory standard and some  other production parts together are referred to as the standard.Bolts, screws  and nuts (also called nut) in many areas or non-professional tell commonly known  as or called screw.   bolt&nut for cable tray:square neck connecting bolt,semicircle,hexgon connecting bolt, T bolt,Expanding bolt.   Model Scope:M6,M8,M10,M12
CABLE TONGCABLE TONG   Cable Tong   DESCRIPTION:   Cable tong for cable on cable tray:double piece cable tong,double-side single cable tong, cable tong,cable tong belt.   model using the line card on the side of guiding role and its elasticity, electric  wires or cables on the fuselage with convenient and quick, convenient and can completely  remove repeated use, solves the existing wire and make sure they skim set of device  operation cumbersome and the defects of the discarded, card buckle is a new type of wire.   secification:   D:13,17,21,25,29   standard:30*50,50*75,75*100
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