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 Description of Cable Tray:
1, to electrical interference shielding cable network or a protective external 
(such as: corrosion liquid, flammable dust environment) such as impact, should 
choose slot compound anticorrosive shielded cable tray (with cover)
2, strong corrosive environment (F) should be adopted for the composite epoxy resin 
anticorrosion flame retardant cable tray.Bracket, bracket also want to choose the same 
material, improve the service life of the bridge and accessories, cable bridge in easy 
to dust and should cover the environment or other outdoor places should be flat.
3, in addition to the above situation, we can choose according to the site environment
 and technical requirements also, groove, cascade type, tray type of glass or steel
 anti-corrosion flame-retardant cable tray type bridge.In easy to dust and should cover
 the environment or other outdoor places should be flat.
4, in the public channel or outdoor across the road segment, the bottom rung of 
appropriate to add at the bottom of the plate or use tray in the segment.When large 
span across the public channel, can according to user requirements to improve bridge 
load capacity or line selection.
5, large span (> 3 m) to select composite bridge.
6, outdoor should choose composite epoxy refers to the bridge.

Image Model Description
DividerDivider  Divider Description:   Divider is used to separate cable in the cable tray,they are often equipped with cable  tray on height.   finish:stainless steel,HDG,pregalvanized   thickness:2.0,1.5,1.0   Divider specification is decided according to cable tray specification.
Fire rated cable tray Bend, Tee and CrossFire rated cable tray Bend, Tee and Cross   Fire rated cable tray Bend, Tee and Cross Product Description:   Fire bridge is in ordinary bridge surface spraying a layer of fire retardant paint,  to play the role of fire retardant.Actually the bridge itself will not catch fire,  fire can only be cable, fire retardant paint of fire retardant principle Fire bridge protective thickness according to the JB/T 10216 10216 "electric  distribution with cable tray table 10 requirements, plating is more than 12 microns,  hot dipped more than 65 microns, plastic spraying is more than 50 microns, fire more  than 500 microns, thickness gauge can be used to measure.   Flame retardant fire bridge main parameters:   Appearance: dark grey Uniform mixture thickens fluid, no agglomerate; Surface drying time: 2 hours; Bond strength: 0.78 Mpa; Shock resistance: flexure L / 200 coating layer, or fall off; Flex resistance: flexural L / 100 coating layer, or fall off; Fire resistance: in tap water leach bubble more than 24 hours, coating without change; Acid: 24 hours in 3% HCL foam, coating without change; Alkali resistance: in 3% Ca (OH) 2 at bubble more than 24 hours, coating without change; Salt resistance: in 3% NaCl at 24 hours, coating without change; Frost resistance: 15 times;   Length does not include built in splice plates: Splice plate length 75mm.   Ordering Details:     Ordering Code Width W (mm) Cable Laying Depth (mm) Length L (mm) 300 Radius                        300                    43 600                        450                    43 750                        600                    43 900                        900                    43 1200   450 Radius                        300                    43 750                        450                    43 900                        600                    43 1050                        900                    43 1350   600 Radius                        300                    43 900                        450                    43 1050                        600                    43 1200                        900                    43 1500   Stainless Steel products are manufactured against firm orders only.  Minimum production quantities may apply.             
tray terminatortray terminator   Tray Terminator Description:   apply to: terinate trays   fit for: diameter from 3.5mm to 6.0m,all width of trays   include:unit*1   feature: easy installation
cable ladder terminatorcable ladder terminator   Cable ladder terminator Product Details   The Blind End Plate is used to close off ends of FRP Cable Ladder Runs.   Specify ladder width when ordering.   Stainless Steel fasteners are supplied.
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